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  • i keep

    Shall we have that one or keep i keep us going for a bit?
  • try to keep

    Chapter 4 gives a review of things which teachers can do, in the face of difficult circumstances, to preserve their equanimity, and to try to keep on good form.
  • keep up

    keep up a reserve here so that
  • help to keep

    Yes, I mean this would help to keep it down.
  • i will keep

  • always keep

    No, I mean I, I always keep them.
  • enough to keep

    I earn enough to keep us both.
  • prefer to keep

    ‘I would prefer to keep them if it's all the same with you.’
  • must keep

    GARRY SCHOFIELD must keep the Great Britain captaincy for next month's World Cup final against Australia.
  • keep going

    If he keep going about nervous because of
  • just keep

    The wayfarer's instructions are still deeply rooted in the peasant mind to-day, when he tells you — quite wrongly now —‘You just keep straight on’.
  • keep a record

    In the later stages pupils need to know about the use of references, and in their own work should be encouraged to keep a record of the sources they have consulted.
  • keep in mind

    It is essential to keep in mind the kind of healthy look you are aiming for, as well as your goal for weight.
  • keep telling

    I keep telling you.
  • keep saying

    I keep saying, no
  • better to keep

    We feel it's better to keep the memories hurrying along.
  • want to keep

    I did, because I want to keep it
  • use to keep

  • keep alive

    These developments may have been in keeping with the new vision of Empire, but they did nothing to keep alive the Christian symbolism of death as the gateway to life.
  • keep an eye

    I'll install a couple who will keep an eye on her and take care of the grounds.’

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