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  • car bomb

    He had an idea there had been a car bomb at another barracks.
  • atomic bomb

    It has also been suggested that the use of the atomic bomb was authorised by Truman in order to influence developments in Korea.
  • bomb attacks

    Guerrilla bomb attacks
  • bomb fell

    An enormous bomb fell on a place nearby called Spurgeon's Tabernacle, so close that it blew in all the windows and knocked the marquee for six.
  • bomb went

    I had just gone down the road when the bomb went off.
  • bomb disposal experts

    Army bomb disposal experts scoured the city for 5 hours, after receiving a coded telephone message.
  • bomb exploded

    The latest bomb exploded close to Downing Street on Friday night.
  • when the bomb

    I had just gone down the road when the bomb went off.
  • army bomb disposal

    Police cordoned off an area at the cemetery after an anonymous call and army bomb disposal specialists carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious package found near the grave.
  • atom bomb

    If the small atom bomb went up, so then would the hydrogen bomb.
  • hoax bomb

    ‘People on the receiving end of a hoax bomb call never know if it is the real thing.’
  • bomb explosion

    The injuries in the aftermath of the bomb explosion looked horrific.
  • mortar bomb

    During the war they made er mortar bomb fins.
  • bomb group

  • bomb blast

    Bike clue to bomb blasts in Bombay
  • bomb hoax

    Note the offence of making a bomb hoax call etc. under section 51 Criminal Law Act 1977.
  • semtex bomb

    In November, 1991 a UDA man and a UVF member died when a small IRA semtex bomb exploded behind a radiator in a dining room.
  • ira bomb attack

  • bomb because

    The rest want the bomb because it is the biggest bang that money can buy and because they mistrust their neighbours.
  • bomb calorimeter

    Since the combustion in a bomb calorimeter is carried out at constant volume, the energy released is the internal energy change, AU.

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