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  • i like

  • look like

    Yeah yeah it'll look like stripes that are on uneven.
  • feel like

    Did she and dad ever feel like this?
  • something like

    you've got to have something like
  • things like

    You'd never have to deal with things like that in Crossmaglen.
  • people like

    So they had to pull pa back people like me from retirement.
  • just like

    Just cruising away and it just like glides, and you glide you know like, like Papa's Citroen type that kind of suspension.
  • cities like

    They range from modest towns like San Gimignano and Todi to great cities like Siena.
  • like to see

    ‘If you don't mind, I'd like to see her before then.
  • rather like

    ‘I rather like your Colonel Maitland,’ his mother said.
  • like being

    ‘It's like being in a different world.’
  • like to have

    So I'll tell you I'll tell you what to do with those in a minute but if y at the moment if you'd just like to have a go at sorting it out.
  • nothing like

    nothing like the number we had
  • i would like

  • sound like

  • anything like

    You never heard him say a bad word or anything like that .

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