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  • i borrow

  • borrow money

    I could borrow money to go.
  • have to borrow

    I'll have to borrow your BMW.’
  • want to borrow

    You want to borrow a fiver?
  • force to borrow

  • borrow the money

    If it is proposed to borrow the money for the investment, the DCF yield is the highest interest rate the company can pay without making an overall loss.
  • need to borrow

    •conserve cash and minimise the need to borrow;
  • ask to borrow

  • borrow funds

    Private firms should invest if the rate of return on the project exceeds the market interest rate at which they can borrow funds.
  • always borrow

    If not you can always borrow armbands here if you want.
  • borrow up

    But they were being given permission to borrow up to £628 million provided £75 million were raised by way of ERDF grants.
  • manage to borrow

  • able to borrow

    We might be able to borrow a bit from a bank, although I'm not even sure about that.
  • allow to borrow

  • like to borrow

    Would you like to borrow Nutty for a few weeks?
  • sense to borrow

    Sometimes it makes very good sense to borrow money for something.
  • never borrow

    Dad told her that it was settled but he warned her she must never borrow again He warned Frankie and me as well.

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