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  • very heavy

    ‘He wasn't very heavy, Kemp, though.
  • too heavy

    It is too heavy already
  • heavy rain

    The weather turned sour with thunderstorms and heavy rain.
  • there is heavy

    If there is heavy rain, the spillways must be enlarged to allow the floodwater to escape before the dam bursts.
  • heavy iron

    Six purple candles, three on either side, flickered in heavy iron holders.
  • heavy duty

    Throughout, the manufacture is heavy duty for durability.
  • heavy machinery

    Invading scrub is removed with heavy machinery and burnt.
  • heavy curtain

    Hang a heavy curtain over the front door to make the hall warmer.
  • heavy fighting

    The coup attempt was the bloodiest in Nigeria's history, with at least 10 killed in heavy fighting.
  • quite heavy

    Common sense tells me I should get more sleep, as my work-load is quite heavy at the moment.
  • like a heavy

    She lifted it aside — it felt like a heavy curtain — and still could not see anything.
  • so heavy

    Never has the burden of choice been so heavy.
  • heavy boots

    But tonight his thoughts were stamping around his mind wearing heavy boots.
  • heavy work

    And then they did the the heavy work erm in the in the morning and in the evening.
  • under heavy

    On Oct. 17, Vukovar came under heavy attack, and on Oct. 20 a relief convoy organized by Médecins sans Frontières evacuated 109 wounded from the city.
  • heavy price

    They belonged without doubt to the successful minority, but a heavy price had been paid by most of them.
  • face heavy fines

    Racecourse officials and race starter Capt Keith Brown could also face heavy fines after coming in for stiff criticism.
  • heavy goods

    Police motorcycles flagged down every suspect heavy goods vehicle.
  • heavy metal

    Perhaps it was the shock, but the band turned heavy metal not long after.
  • particularly heavy

    There was no response, which meant that he might still be sleeping off a particularly heavy lunchtime session or perhaps was in the bath and couldn't be bothered to get out.
  • heavy fine

    NIGEL BENN was yesterday attacked for ‘unprofessionalism’ and threatened with a heavy fine by promoter Barry Hearn.

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