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  • economic crisis

    In the summer of 1947 Britain experienced a major economic crisis.
  • gulf crisis

  • financial crisis

    Those of us on the receiving end know that there is a real financial crisis.
  • political crisis

    It was, however, the Right which emerged triumphant from the political crisis brought by defeat.
  • oil crisis

    Then came the oil crisis.
  • crisis came

    The crisis came at 5-5 in the second game, by which time Horner had begun to dig in.
  • energy crisis

    It is accepted that the energy crisis is permanent and may intensify.
  • serious crisis

    A much more serious crisis of a similar nature arose immediately after the Iraqi coup of July 1957 when the Hashemite dynasty was overthrown, and the Eisenhower Doctrine for the Middle East was put to its first test.
  • crisis meeting

    AIDS administrators plan crisis meeting over future of AZT
  • when the crisis

    Yeltsin was repeatedly in contact with heads of government during the days when the crisis was at its height.
  • major crisis

    Of course, Jessamy's arrival on the scene as Julius's fiancée had obviously been a major crisis.
  • house crisis

  • sterling crisis

    There is little to suggest that this view changed, at least until the sterling crisis of 1947.
  • crisis of legitimacy

    In saying that the crisis of legitimacy is central, we are saying that the penal crisis is in essence a moral crisis.

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