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  • major obstacle

    However, qualifications remained a major obstacle.
  • main obstacle

    Safety has been the main obstacle.
  • obstacle course

    Food and Drink: Win the holiday obstacle course
  • final obstacle

    There was more to this canal than just a final obstacle, however.
  • first obstacle

    That's the first obstacle.
  • formidable obstacle

    When it came to assembling facts and details, the system was a formidable obstacle.
  • biggest obstacle

    Cooling the water is the biggest obstacle.
  • last obstacle

    This time tragedy struck: at the fifth last obstacle she fell and broke her neck, dying instantly.
  • obstacle to economic

    From the 1970s onwards, the cold war increasingly became an obstacle to economic and political stability.
  • become an obstacle

  • form an obstacle

    It follows that the conditions laid down for the registration of vessels must not form an obstacle to freedom of establishment within the meaning of articles 52 et seq.
  • only obstacle

    The only obstacle was Watkin the dung-collector whose own ample wife also had her eye on the role.

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