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  • get a clue

  • have a clue

    I don't have a clue!
  • provide a clue

    D51 may provide a clue to Smart's intentions
  • first clue

    ‘You don't know where Mrs Howard got the first clue about this?’
  • important clue

    Herein lies an important clue, but also a further puzzle.
  • vital clue

    ‘A vital clue.’
  • give a clue

    I'll give a clue, lunch, lunch
  • clue where

    I wouldn't have a clue where to go.
  • clue how

    Yes I do , I honestly don't ask me I haven't got a clue how she managed.
  • clue to how

    Can psychological experiments give us a clue to how such calculations are performed?
  • clue about how

    Sort of share with you, give me some clue about how we can organise the rest of the course as well.
  • only clue

    The only clue had come in the late morning.

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