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  • investment business

    Sir Nicolas Browne-Wilkinson V.-C. held, however, that the statutory right of the Board, acting as delegate of the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, to seek an order against persons carrying on investment business in the United Kingdom without authority to make good losses suffered by others was a sufficient basis for a Mareva injunction.
  • business studies

    11: Management and business studies
  • whole business

    ‘The whole business was an absolute nightmare.
  • unfinished business

    He says, quote, there's unfish unfinished business for the Trust but not for me.
  • business plan

    The Business Plan goes back with the letter because they will require a copy of the business plan so that they when they see you at three, six, twelve and eighteen months
  • small business

    Franchising is the fastest growing sector in the small business world.
  • big business

    Fund raising by schools is now big business.
  • management and business

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