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  • clean up

    Health watchdogs are calling on a hospital to clean up its act.
  • clean air

    We all expect to benefit equally from clean water, clean air, access to screening facilities, and so on.
  • clean water

    The clean water can then flow back into the river.
  • nice clean

    You're making a mess on mummy's nice clean floor.
  • clean sheets

    6 clean sheets on the trot (although some of those were cup games).
  • clean and unclean

    This tradition that the redemption brought by Christ has abolished laws of purity that distinguished between clean and unclean animals, clean and unclean foods, clean and unclean people (Jew and gentile) and clean and unclean physical states (women during menstruation) restrained Christianity for several centuries from applying laws of impurity to women.
  • be clean

    What is man that he should be clean?
  • clean sweep

    Cool FM in clean sweep
  • i clean

  • come clean

    Can Englishness ever become clean again?
  • spring clean

    Is a spring clean necessary?
  • very clean

    On inspection, a very clean 3mm wide cut was produced.

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