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  • children were

    Lots of small children were taken about like this in winter.
  • three children

    I have left my three children
  • older children

    Was that er w was that sort of thing quite usual then for older children
  • small children

    Lots of small children were taken about like this in winter.
  • children aged

    To determine whether birth weight and gestational age are associated with respiratory illness and lung function in children aged 5–11 years.
  • children have

    This should cause us to be cautious when we make assumptions about what children have gained from a story.
  • children should

    Most people don't think that children should be represented in Parliament by children.
  • have children

    Elsie couldn't have children, you see.
  • wife and children

    With his wife and children in his car, ex policeman Christopher gave chase.
  • when children

    It performs important functions in times of crisis, both when children enter care and when foster placements break down.
  • two children

    Jim is married with two children and hopes to move to Cambuslang.
  • children under

    There's a £30 reduction for children under the age of 12 occupying a twin bed in a room on a two week holiday (£15 for one week).
  • where children

    Beer garden where children are welcome.
  • four children

    While their four children were growing up, she put off fulfilling her ambition to run an antique shop of her own.
  • provision for children

    Equalising educational provision for children of different socio-economic backgrounds does not do away with the educational disabilities of working class children vis-à-vis middle class children.
  • children act

    Three of her children actually worked at the mine.
  • young children

    I looked at his young wife, Dawn, with her four young children visiting Salisbury for the week-end.

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