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  • heart disease

    Men are more at risk from heart disease than women.
  • coronary heart

    Unfortunately, Northern Ireland suffers from one of the worst rates of coronary heart disease.
  • heart was beating

    Her heart was beating fast.
  • very heart

    But this struck at the very heart of what Laura was hoping to achieve and she quashed the suggestion with ferocity.
  • heart went out

    Despite herself, Paige's heart went out to him.
  • feel her heart

  • heart attack

    heart attack,that was it.
  • heart surgery

    The consumer of the service can be immobile, as in the case of the construction site, but others are mobile, as for heart surgery patients.
  • heart sank

    But Ruth's heart sank.
  • heart seemed

    His heart seemed to be beating in some huge dry place an echoing cavern.
  • heart out

    ‘And it fits: you'd expect Cyril to be puking his heart out when they got home.

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