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  • distribute database

  • relational database management

    So we'll have a single S twelve query server, a relational database management system, which can be accessed from the applications on the database.
  • object database

    This allows messages sent from the object database to access information stored in the Sybase system.
  • database controller

    And our database controller understand and knows and talks to the database layer at the bottom.
  • database manager

    We have sold nearly 4,000 copies of our SUPERFILE database manager since 1982.
  • computer database

    The program involves the interrogation of a computer database for information.
  • database system

    DataEase Express provides an intuitive Windows user-interface to a full relational database system.
  • database software

    Analyses the database software packages available.
  • database management systems

    Traditionally with relational database management systems companies would batch load data from the mainframe on maybe a a once a day or once a week basis and load that information onto the database systems and use it for decision support.
  • database systems

    The versions of these database systems which are compatible with LIFESPAN RDBI are as indicated in the LIFESPAN RDBI installation notes (reference 11).
  • main database

  • database access

    Its key components include a graphical user interface builder, database access, reusable application framework and cross-platform portability, it says.
  • database applications

    And just because it looks easy to use a mouse and icons to develop new database applications, it doesn't mean that you can forget all about the coding side.
  • relational database technology

    When, and how it will make its relational database technology compliant with OMG specifications, has not even been discussed, the firm says.
  • proprietary relational database

    Another strength of using proprietary relational database technology is that we can use many report writers which are available to access that database, not only the accounting data but potentially all of the corporate data to pull out not only accounting reports but reports which combine information as necessary, partly from the accounting system, partly from the sales order processing system, partly from the inventory system, whatever they may be.

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