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  • very important

    It's very important.’
  • important part

    Secondly, the budget is an important part of the choice process.
  • two important

    During these years two important features of the war — one on each side — came into focus.
  • important point

    Yes I'd like to m make a it's an important point about End.
  • obviously important

    The contours of a site are obviously important and may add or detract from its development potential.
  • important role

    Piggy had a very important role to play in the book.
  • extremely important

    ‘It is extremely important that my research is relevant to the sort of things which affect the oil industry and its operating context.
  • how important

    Having known the lack of that luxury herself, she was all too aware of how important it was.
  • particularly important

    The temperature (37 C) is particularly important for successful zona removal with acid Tyrode's.
  • important feature

    An important feature of long leys should be their deep-rooting ability.
  • single most important

    This month we consider the single most important aid to fishkeeping success — filtration.
  • less important

    It now appears that radioactive heating would be less important than conductive heating from the core, allowing a faster cycle time.
  • important when

    The tension-relieving effect of cutting may be extremely important when one is considering therapeutic strategies to counter the behaviour.
  • so important

    That's why it's so important things are right up here.
  • important aspect

    He said the government's road building policy was the single most important aspect of policy responsible for loss of rural land.
  • most important thing

    If the most important thing on your agenda is number seven, you know, you're probably not even going to get to it, because you'll be too tired.
  • important because

    Piaget's work is important because it provided one of the first developmental accounts of the emergence of logical thought.

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