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  • publicity given

    There's been a lot of publicity given, from time to time, to groups that try and live as people did in the Stone Age.
  • publicity material

    sponsorship of a general nature for publicity materials, etc
  • lot of publicity

    There's been a lot of publicity recently about parents teaching their own children, rather formal things.
  • publicity officer

    Presidents and publicity officers listened to a presentation by Wade Martin ACIB, Liverpool Institute's President, and Val Smith ACIB, London East's Publicity Officer.
  • publicity campaign

    Will he consider a much stronger publicity campaign for organ donation?
  • bad publicity

    I'm embarrassed by the bad publicity.’
  • publicity department

    Someone from the publicity department of his publishers had set it up.
  • deal of publicity

    Not only does the successful school gain a valuable prize but also, through a skilfully handled press release, it gains a great deal of publicity and prestige.
  • press and publicity

    of which she sort of goes into every door, every door in Strathclyde, what a horrible thought, but in fact you know I thought maybe try and do something there, although I don't always get on greatly well with, with the press and publicity people and the women in press and publicity are, are sort of start phrasing

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