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  • labour party

  • communist party

    The party was founded in 1989 by members of the ruling communist party who disagreed with its transformation into the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSP).
  • conservative party

    The Northern Ireland statelet was founded on an alliance between the protestant loyalists of Ulster and British imperial and capital interests, particularly as represented by the conservative party.
  • third party

    STB's brief also covers responsibility for third party distribution rights.
  • democratic party

  • political party

    Formation of new political party — Internal divisions in Solidarity
  • socialist party

  • party members

    That list candidates will be staunch party members goes without saying.
  • work party

  • party leaders

    The government on Jan. 29 adopted a new election timetable, subject to the approval of all political party leaders.
  • parliamentary party

    One of the most senior, thoughtful, economically literate and independent-minded members of the Conservative parliamentary party is Sir Peter Tapsell, Member for Lindsey East.
  • party have

    Might another party have followed similar policies?
  • republican party

  • party conference

    Affiliated and party organisations entitled to appoint delegates to the General Committee and the Executive Committee of this party, may nominate an individual member of the Labour Party who is not disqualified under the constitution of the Labour Party, or under the decisions of party conference as a parliamentary candidate.
  • national party

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