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  • during the debate

    This concept of the ‘Internal Market’ was adopted by most contributors during the debate prior to the publication of the White Paper ‘Working for Patients’.
  • debate between

    Instead your lengthy debate between editor and a ‘reader’ left me feeling the opposite.
  • public debate

    The Dar es Salaam-based Government papers, despite their partiality, did act as a valuable forum for public debate.
  • open debate

    The open debate in the media had, according to the intellectual Ding Wang (cited in Kelly 1987: 139), stimulated the students to more reflection on contemporary society.
  • debate concerning

    The recent debate concerning the role of RE in the new legislation of 1988 has shown how powerful this attitude towards religion still is among politicians, the church and the public at large.
  • debate among

    With information obtained from the external and internal assessments, you are now able to identify the strategic issues that require debate among partners.
  • political debate

    ‘There's no real sense of a public political debate here,’ I complained.
  • national debate

    The decision caused a huge public outcry and a national debate on euthanasia.
  • current debate

    These questions go to the heart of the current debate and form the background to much of the discussion of this chapter.
  • debate during

    Another debate during this early period revolved around the actual terms (and their implications) being used to describe the new discipline.
  • debate should

    This debate should do much to add a note of sanity to controversies that have been hitherto based more on rhetoric than argument.
  • considerable debate

    This has generated a considerable debate on the size of the household, its class basis and the changing meanings given to it.

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