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  • main meal

    What about, what about your main meal?
  • have a meal

    You might have a meal on the, the Thursday but er
  • fruit evening meal

  • good meal

    Looks a good meal this.
  • meal times

    She says Celest is sometimes very talkative…especially at meal times.
  • throughout the meal

    D'Arcy had been watched throughout the meal.
  • test meal

    Measurement of the gastric emptying of liquid and solid phases of the test meal
  • meal when

    he knows he gets a meal when he comes up there.
  • hot meal

    State-of-the-art hot meal vendor
  • meal service

    Upgraded meal service.
  • meal i

    Eat a fairly light meal if you can.
  • whole meal

    Two slices of whole meal bread or a portion of breakfast cereal with natural bran
  • meal before

    George was a moderate smoker and his favourite meal before a race was a glass of beer and a hunk of bread and cheese.
  • light meal

    Have a light meal!
  • meal is being

    Where a restaurant certificate or a restricted hotel licence is being granted or transferred, if it appears to the licensing board that only a mid-day meal or an evening meal is being provided, it can restrict the permitted hours to the mid-day period, if only a mid-day meal is being provided, or to the evening period, if only an evening meal is being provided.
  • meal stimulated

    McGregor et al have shown that dextrose given intravenously inhibits meal stimulated intraduodenal bilirubin output.
  • make a meal

    She brought a bowl from the cupboard and filled it with water from the kettle, there were chores to be done before she could even begin to make a meal for the three of them.

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