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  • long tradition

    Similarly, there is a long tradition of receipt of state benefits.
  • family tradition

    ‘It's just a family tradition.
  • dominant tradition

    Dicey and the shaping of the dominant tradition
  • oral tradition

    The fine choral tradition of this country owes much to the vocal foundation laid in so many of our churches and cathedrals down the ages.
  • cultural tradition

    This is possible because in the cultural tradition of the West, as described and exemplified by Lévi-Strauss, the exchange of women is figured as the source of all exchange.
  • strong tradition

    In Asturias there was a strong tradition of early migration in the poor mountain villages.
  • christian tradition

  • philosophical tradition

    Or what you think (a Western philosophical tradition)?
  • marxist tradition

  • political tradition

    To do otherwise would be to break the long-established political tradition of allowing people to hold whatever views they liked, so long as they did not break the law or urge others to do so.

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