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  • draw up

    Engineers draw up guidelines to stop interference
  • draw attention

    However I must sink my prejudices and draw attention to those places that have given me special pleasure.
  • draw the line

    Where would you draw the line?
  • draw your attention

    Someone who could draw your attention without being seen.
  • should draw

    The powerheads should draw the whole volume of the tank through the filter bed at least three times each hour.
  • ask to draw

  • draw a line

    Accordingly, the law seems to draw a line between lack of consent and lack of authorisation.
  • i draw

  • draw a graph

    If you can draw a graph you can you can get that.
  • then draw

    For a senior job it should not be regarded as a burden to see 12 people and then draw up a short list of three or four.
  • able to draw

    Look at all the words with s in, and s t's, and you should be able to draw from that, a rule, which is being observed by this printer In which position is the s printed as an f?
  • try to draw

  • want to draw

    Do you want to draw, darling?
  • draw it out

    And then you just draw it out again so that someone could look at it and they could see the energy changes in front.
  • draw together

    N C V O must therefore, draw together voluntary organisations effectively and be seen to be responsive and creative.
  • prize draw

    Aqualisa kindly offered two thermostatic showers worth over £300 each for a prize draw.
  • draw off

    A sump drain would also be installed to draw off any detritus from the bottom of the vat.

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