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  • good food

    Its restaurant provided good food, reasonably priced.
  • food prices

    Materials and food prices began to drift downwards from the summer of 1973.
  • food safety

  • world food

    The predictions are based on computer models of global warming and world food production.
  • food products

    The latest phase obliges vehicles delivering a wide range of food products to keep them at a temperature of no more than 8C.
  • food poisoning

    ‘It was like having a severe bout of food poisoning that never got better,’ she recalled.
  • fisheries and food

  • food for thought

    On a song like ‘What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?’ he provides neither food for thought nor reveals anything about himself.
  • food when

    Go and send your telegram, and then come back and try to have some food when you can,’ she said.
  • food parcels

    No more bloody food parcels for Britain!’
  • food source

    Honeybees tell hivemates the direction, distance to, and nature of, new food sources by special dances.
  • freeze food

  • food commodities

    Supermarket and shop owners, having anticipated the price freeze by raising prices in advance, refused to restock with meat, milk, rice and cooking oil, claiming that it was now uneconomic to sell such products; general shortages of basic food commodities and the growth of a black market for food were reported to be much more prevalent than during the previous four price freezes since 1986.

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