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  • elementary school

    ‘His mother attended the same elementary school as Rose.’
  • elementary education

    In effect, made elementary education free.
  • most elementary

    I simply experienced, in its most elementary form, the sense of existing.’
  • elementary particles

    The other was elementary particles, the study of the very small.
  • very elementary

    Pupils in the UK and USA, taking even very elementary courses in biology and zoology, were taught the skill.
  • elementary operations

    We approach this by considering the elementary operations which are commonly used in the condensation of determinants.
  • public elementary schools

    It divided the country into school districts, and, in those districts with inadequate provision, required school boards to be elected which would raise money through the rates to provide public elementary schools (often called ‘board schools’).
  • elementary level

    A close link between what the picture tells you and what the sound conveys is important for elementary level students.
  • elementary flying training

    In December 1937 he applied for a short-service commission in the RAF and to his evident amazement was accepted and sent for elementary flying training in 90 m.p.h.
  • elementary and secondary

    In that year too, Johnson secured an Education Act, providing $1.5 billion of Federal aid for elementary and secondary schools, including those run by religious denominations.
  • elementary courses

    Only in their most elementary courses do other academic fields offer even a partial parallel.
  • state elementary

    The ‘baby difficulty’, as one attendance officer called it, led to many late nineteenth-century state elementary schools opening crèches.
  • elementary particle

    The other was elementary particles, the study of the very small.
  • elementary mistake

    Nevertheless, this elementary mistake remained unobserved for almost two decades.

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