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  • next step

    The next step in AIDS treatment
  • step forward

    Daak shook his head, slowly, and took a step forward.
  • take a step

    Now take a step to the right here, there's a —’
  • first step towards

    This first step towards abstraction is complemented by the initial stages of differentiation.
  • step up

    Making a decision not to take the next step up doesn't have to be permanent, of course.
  • each step

    I'm going to take it steadily, step by step, and enjoy each step.’
  • step by step

    I'm going to take it steadily, step by step, and enjoy each step.’
  • step out

    He ducked his head and made to step out into the sunshine.
  • small step

    One small step for the able bodied, but an impossible barrier for Rosina Palmer, confined to a wheelchair at her home at Coleford in Gloucestershire, since an operation last year.
  • further step

    From a social psychological perspective, there is a further step to be taken, in order to link the social norms to individual consciousness.
  • major step

    This little volume represents another major step forward in the chronicling of such vehicles.
  • every step

    Not a condition that mature, worldly Luke Denner ever believed in, and I fought it every step of the way.’
  • final step

    The final step in this early process of cataloguing the British Flora came when Druce published ‘The Comital Flora’(1932).
  • unusual step

    (3) Select committees — committees constituted ad hoc for a special purpose, an unusual step in the case of Public Bills.
  • step back

    I step back.
  • second step

    The second step is to examine the empty case.
  • important step

    But would-be proettes should be warned to think carefully before taking such an important step.
  • step further

    It is even taken a step further.
  • step approach

    The model of learning which underlies much of the literature on criterion-referencing is that of the learning hierarchy: the small step by small step approach from no proficiency to perfect performance.
  • unit step function

    The exponentially decaying step function corresponding to unit step function is depicted in figure 11.4(b).

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