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  • family life

    She is finding life very tough and depressing, stuck in her room, her baby in hospital, with little hope on the horizon of a proper home or family life.
  • family were

    But the victim's family were angry at the result.
  • family home

    And the basic foundation of it is the family home.
  • civil and family

  • family doctor

    The family doctor was a name on a card rather than a face to be recognised in the street.
  • family and friends

    At the spot where her car was found in ten feet of water last week, flowers have been left by family and friends.
  • get family

  • family credit

    However, it will end sooner if someone else claims income support or family credit in respect of a child who was included in your family credit award.
  • family planning association

    A family planning association was set up by the Government in 1972, and the Government's First Five Year Plan proposed the promotion of several different types of birth control.

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