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  • two kinds

    There are two kinds of successful bargaining:
  • various kinds

    This can reveal information of various kinds.
  • kinds of things

    All kinds of things might be happening back home.
  • many kinds

    They are capable of many kinds of activity.
  • three kinds

    The decisions involved are of three kinds:
  • many different kinds

    Qualifications are of many different kinds and levels.
  • kinds of different

    It's like I took a completed album of all kinds of different songs and threw it up in the air and it came crashing down.
  • certain kinds

    Do they prefer certain kinds of leaf for this?
  • several different kinds

    We have to have several different kinds of spade to do this successfully — hence the features of ITMA units.
  • kinds of problems

    Distinctions exist both in the kinds of problems that are selected for study and in the manner in which they are tackled.
  • kinds of people

    The kinds of people who may help or services which may be available include:
  • kinds of information

    In this section we consider the potential users of public sector accounting information and the kinds of information they need.
  • both kinds

    Both kinds of workers, even though in different ways, split from the social structure of their enterprise and both kinds see little political connection between themselves as workers and managers except that the latter are dominant.
  • kinds of jobs

    Part of the problem with encouraging girls to take ‘useful’ subjects is that we do not know whether it makes any difference to the kinds of jobs they eventually do; and whether, indeed, these jobs would still be highly rated if women did them.

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