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  • three broad

    Of the three broad proposals considered, this would encourage women to work on the market.
  • broad range

    Perinatal mortality rates are affected by a broad range of biological, social, and medical factors.
  • very broad

    Van Gelder was short, very broad, deeply tanned, flaxen-haired and seemed to find life a source of constant amusement.
  • two broad

    There are two broad approaches to identifying acquisition candidates: proactive and reactive.
  • broad spectrum

    However, heterologous telomeric DNAs exhibit a broad spectrum of activity in their ability to be recognized as functional telomeres in vivo .
  • broad street

  • broad base

    ‘In addition, the training gives you a broad base in actually running an organisation.
  • broad definition

    In terms of the broad definition of money would a deposit account passbook count as money?
  • broad principles

    The implications of applying such broad principles were breathtaking in their scale.
  • broad money

    Over the same period, Germany's broad money supply grew by 5.5%.
  • broad sense

    In so far as the term judicial was used it was automatically implied whenever a decision was made which affected a person's rights in a broad sense.
  • fairly broad

    Erm, I suppose there is a fairly broad brush there.
  • broad church

    My tastes are catholic: it will be a broad church.’
  • broad historical

    This formulation is attractive as it marks out some of the broad historical shifts in the representation of Blacks in film.
  • too broad

    Investigators said the Ty Mawr home in Abergavenny, Gwent, was badly mismanaged, had too broad a mix of residents and had untrained staff.
  • have broad

    He will have broad experience of the industry.
  • broad daylight

    It was in broad daylight.
  • broad knowledge

    During his inspection of Nikol'skaia volost', Yakovlev prided himself on his objectivity in criticizing local party activities, given that he was a highly orthodox representative of the central apparatus with a broad knowledge of all-Russian affairs.
  • broad lines

    The broad lines of the revolt are clear (11, pp.38–44) although there are numerous problems of detail.

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