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  • too weak

    She was too weak to stop him.
  • so weak

    Rab felt so weak he could have cried again.
  • very weak

    He felt very weak and slept all the time.
  • weak nuclear

    In particular they made great progress in their attempts to put electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force together within the same theoretical framework.
  • weak form

    Bounded rationality is a weak form of rationality.
  • relatively weak

    Crystals with typical dimensions of 0.08x0.08x0.3mm gave relatively weak diffraction.
  • only a weak

    There was only a weak detection at 408MHz, again at about the same phase.
  • rather weak

    ‘She's better now, but rather weak.
  • weak points

    The average Westerner fails to take into account the fact that there are so many weak points on the human body.
  • electromagnetic and weak

    On the other hand, the electromagnetic and weak forces, which are not asymptotically free, get stronger at high energies.
  • how weak

    He heard how weak his voice sounded, how indecisive, and shivered.
  • strong and weak

    The difference between EXP (the system with both strong and weak stemming and automatic cross-referencing) and CTL was less marked.

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