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  • fully aware

    He is fully aware of the dangers, but has put in years of preparation.
  • be fully

    The interest charge would be fully tax deductible.
  • fully automated

    This is fully automated and costs £10 a quarter.
  • fully equipped

    All the studios sleep 2–3, have private facilities and terraces and are fully equipped for the self catering gourmet.
  • fully committed

    But Robert is as fully committed to the world of bloodstock as ever.’
  • i fully

  • now fully

    We are now fully fledged instructors.
  • fully informed

    willing to learn and, equally, determined to be fully informed and to share in the running of their schools.
  • do not fully

    Comparisons between the incomes of age-groups, as in Figure 5.1, give only very rough indications of differences in disposable financial resources, for they do not fully take into account differences in household composition.
  • fully resolved

    Graptolite taxonomy has by no means been fully resolved even after 100 years of research, and new discoveries are still being made.
  • fully understand

    We need to fully understand human interventions in natural systems, including climate and ecology.
  • fully operational

    The new headquarters of the local daily newspaper and its sister, the Western Evening Herald , are now shipshape and fully operational.
  • yet fully

    This ambiguity — not yet fully dispelled — has been of immense importance both to the international community and to Japan herself.
  • never fully

    Clare never fully recovered.
  • fully occupied

    But I had many other interests which kept me fully occupied at the time.
  • fully appreciated

    Perhaps it isn't fully appreciated how easy greenhouses are to move, especially if they are aluminium and just a few seasons old.
  • fully integrated

    The establishment within English of a fully integrated career structure encouraged more pragmatic attitudes towards the discipline.
  • fully described

    (This theory is more fully described in Chapter 5.)
  • fully entitled

    Now I am fully entitled under the laws of this state to regard your affairs as confidential.
  • become fully

    Until we know who we are we are not free to become fully involved with others.

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