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  • market research

    Yeah, it's a market research things, erm
  • research centre

    One bright spot will be a new materials research centre at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California.
  • research programme

    Any scientist who modifies the hard core has opted out of that particular research programme.
  • research project

    This research project has been designed to discover whether, and how, local firms meet this challenge.
  • research council

    Phillips thinks the research councils could lose out on the transfer.
  • research carried out

    The answer to this puzzle may have been provided by some research carried out by American engineers on another large white mammal of very cold regions, the polar bear.
  • research unit

  • ast research

  • research laboratory

  • research interests

    An annual journal,Edinburgh Architectural Research , presents the research interests of the department.
  • scientific research

    Kuhn's account predates Lakatos's methodology of scientific research programmes, and I think it is fair to say that Lakatos adapted some of Kuhn's results to his own purposes.
  • research grant

  • natural environment research

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