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  • important function

    Now limestone has a very important function in the blast furnace.
  • function words

    (At present, it is set at 0.66, which reflects the relatively high frequency of function words in normal text.)
  • main function

    Another strategy involves the creation of country parks which have the main function of recreation.
  • utility function

    If, for example, the utility function is of the Cobb-Douglas form (), this is clearly positive.
  • special function

    5.15pm Time to go home to Batley unless she has a special function to prepare for, drinks in the VC's office, or a dinner.
  • function f

    A good heuristic function is a function f on states which tends to be large on nodes on paths to goals.
  • platelet function

    These authors attempted to assess platelet function in citrated whole blood by determining the platelet aggregates formed following electromagnetic agitation for 15 minutes.
  • ventricular function

    Otherwise cross sectional echocardiography confirmed globally poor left ventricular function.
  • linear function

    The increase is not a linear function of the draw ratio but is faster in polyethylene, and slower in polypropylene (Figure 4.6).
  • objective function

    .., v p , y 1 ,…, y m ) and the optimal objective function values are equal.

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