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  • act of violence

  • physical violence

    These men are accustomed to physical violence and intimidation.
  • domestic violence

    The local surveys have also emphasised the impact of domestic violence on women.
  • violence between

    But now that King James VI of Scotland was also King James I of England he was determined to rule both kingdoms so as to allow no further violence between them.
  • political violence

    The worst of the trouble occurred in Bihar, a state with a long record of political violence.
  • level of violence

    The government offensive, combined with rebel counterattacks, resulted in a new level of violence on the island.
  • unlawful violence

    Scaffolder Clinton Jenkins, 27, of Medbourne Crescent, Kirkby, and unemployed Desmond Aley, 28, of Ormonde Crescent, Northwood, Kirkby, are jointly accused of conspiring with others to cause grievous bodily harm; using or threatening unlawful violence; and damaging the pub windows to the value of £100.
  • use of violence

    MAR has consistently rejected the use of violence and no evidence was produced to support allegations that its members were planning to engage in violent activities.
  • outbreak of violence

    Further, Curtis had informed Grant that the word on the streets was that the recent outbreak of violence and killing had been all about a territorial dispute between rival Triad and Mafia gangs.
  • violence during

    There was little election-related violence during the June polling to compare with that of May 20, when over 100 people were killed throughout the country.
  • street violence

    This is a catalogue of social horror and casual street violence.
  • crimes of violence

    One was that the total of indictable offences against the person, that is crimes of violence and sexual offences, had continued to move upwards since the end of the war.

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