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  • funny thing

    Oh I know it's a funny thing!
  • really funny

    It's really funny!
  • so funny

    It's so funny.
  • very funny

    ‘I think it's very funny.’
  • quite funny

    It was quite funny.
  • funny little

    He was going to miss the funny little man.
  • funny old

    It's a funny old world, what?
  • funny side

    This does have a funny side to it.
  • funny when

    Well you didn't think it was funny when we went to see
  • funny cos

    Yeah but, yeah it's funny cos, cos it's funny cos I got that new Lego you didn't at all.
  • funny people

    erm funny people on it.
  • funny business

    It's a funny business, comedy.
  • funny though

    Ah It was really funny though!
  • funny man

    It's funny man I te
  • be funny

    Oh yeah that would be funny.

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