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  • train of thought

    train of thought.
  • train services

    Long-distance passenger train services resumed on Nov. 27 and the strike ended the following day after it was agreed to cut the working week from 44 to 40 hours as in western Germany.
  • passenger train

    Eventually, a passenger train sulked off to Leeds.
  • when the train

    In an emergency assistance can be provided more quickly if you operate the red alarm when the train is at a station.
  • train service

    There may be train service alterations at weekends.
  • steam train

    Since then the Railway has provided a steam train service EVERY weekend and daily during the summer.
  • great train robbery

  • train set

    Steam train set for a come-back
  • next train

    "When is the next train arriving from Khartoum?" we asked.
  • express train

    What they did not realize was that the express train had a restaurant car and the slow train did not.

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