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  • under stress

    She may be under stress and reacting with a tantrum.
  • must stress

    I must stress that it was not a first-hand observation, but in fact is third-hand.
  • level of stress

    As a general rule the greater the level of stress, the greater the tension apparent around the mouth and nose.
  • stress placement

    The following summary of ideas on stress placement in nouns, verbs and adjectives is an attempt to present a few rules in the simplest possible form.
  • lot of stress

    Our emotions are saying they are under a lot of stress and are needing some help.
  • house stress

  • important to stress

    It is important to stress that in the UK there is not just one but a very large number of overlapping labour markets.
  • like to stress

    I would like to stress that the commercial consideration is only one of many elements and is certainly not the most important.
  • tonic stress

    (Some writers use the terms nucleus and nuclear stress for tonic syllable and tonic stress.)
  • emotional stress

    An area in which much research on the effects of emotional stress or arousal on memory has been conducted is that of eyewitness testimony.
  • stress how

    We are grateful for the opportunity to stress how urgently we believe MPG Note 3 is in need of a fundamental revision.

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