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  • nature reserve

    The SWT are especially worried about the future of Eigg's nature reserve.
  • human nature

    Success in business requires a knowledge of human nature and an acceptable personality.
  • precise nature

    What's the precise nature of the jobs guarantee?
  • very nature

    By their very nature the program source code is provided, usually with documentation disclaiming all responsibility in its use.
  • exact nature

    The exact nature of the competing behaviour will depend on what the priority problem is.
  • local nature

    Also, very usefully, an offer was kindly made by a warden of a local nature reserve to help in the winter woodland management.
  • give the nature

  • nature of things

    Doubt and faith, though, are related only because of the nature of things after the Fall (like the unhealthy relationship of a leech clinging to a body).
  • true nature

    They do not actually reflect the true nature of what Conservatives want.’
  • fund for nature

  • nature conservation interest

    Now I know in the original draft nature conservation interest was mentioned and er I'd like to hear from North Yorkshire why that factor is taken out of the policy.

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