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  • long time

    A long time ago.
  • how long

    ‘For how long?’
  • so long

    The reality was long ago — oh so long ago!
  • too long

    The name is too long.
  • very long

    Well, there not, one's not gonna last very long
  • long before

    But how long before it starts to…’
  • long term

    The importance of ‘pause’ periods, both short and long term, cannot be overstated!
  • long enough

    ‘But long enough to fetch the pole?’
  • long ago

    The reality was long ago — oh so long ago!
  • long way off

    S s so socialism is a is a long way off.
  • long hair

    no Sukey long hair
  • long legs

    Her long legs and bare feet are brown; her eyebrows and the down on her arms shine pale gold.
  • quite a long

    It took me quite a long time.
  • have long

    There are also complaints in Japan, where foreign suppliers have long blamed their difficulty in penetrating the Japanese market on the closed ranks of the keiretsu.
  • long churn

  • long as i

    yeah that'll do, so long as it's on there good boy, so what one have you decided to go with then?
  • metres long

    Protosuchus — about 1.5 metres long with a long head and powerful teeth — was the earliest crocodile.
  • long have

    ‘How long have you been here?’ asked Huy.

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