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  • next generation

    Crystal Palace: The next generation
  • first generation

    We were the ‘first generation’.
  • second generation

    Now they are on their third generation of RIP and second generation of PostScript imagesetters with the Linotronic 200P.
  • each generation

    But as each generation passes, the contribution of your genes is halved.
  • younger generation

    So much for the younger generation and their attitude to the new technology.
  • third generation

    ‘But I'm third generation,’ she said.
  • older generation

    The er the older generation.
  • gas generation

    We must not sanction the contracts lying on my right hon. Friend's desk — and by that I mean that there should be no more contracts for gas generation.
  • power generation

    Photovoltaics is still five times as expensive as conventional power generation.
  • whole generation

    Obviously, when parents are killed a whole generation is wiped out at a stroke.
  • fourth generation

    The advent of fourth generation languages (4GLs) has made system development much easier.
  • generation were

    Fred's generation were going down like flies.
  • later generation

    The bomber — like the ICBM which haunts a later generation — would always get through.
  • present generation

    The present generation — or ‘cohort’— of elderly persons includes disproportionately large numbers of women.
  • electricity generation

    By the year 2000 nuclear should be contributing one-fifth of Japanese energy needs — some 45% of electricity generation.
  • previous generation

    Material prosperity increases; we enjoy now what the previous generation enjoyed in its forties.
  • spontaneous generation

    Well, there is the theory of spontaneous generation — like worms in Lucretius.

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