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  • give up

    give up.
  • give rise

    The latter form of interference may give rise to liability in nuisance.
  • i give

  • should give

    It should give yeah, I just need country yeah.
  • i can give

  • just give

    ‘Now, if you would just give me room.’
  • also give

    The meeting will also give us an opportunity to discuss future initiatives in drug testing and the implications for governing bodies.
  • give way

    No, I will not give way again.
  • likely to give

    and they're more likely to give more money to us
  • need to give

    Do you want me to, have you got everything that you need to give me?
  • go to give

  • give evidence

    Does my right hon. Friend agree that the essence of this matter is that, if one makes a claim, one should be able to give evidence in support of it?
  • gonna give

    So she's not gonna give me the book?
  • give some idea

    Error bars show one standard deviation to give some idea of the variability among the six films.
  • able to give

    His assailants were aged 30 to 35, but the victim has been unable to give police any further description.
  • only give

    They'll only give you three months of Sky programmes.
  • give the impression

    References to his synthesis sometimes give the impression that he achieved a complete fusion of Aristotelian with Christian doctrine, as if the two were rendered fully compatible.
  • give away

    We've got 100 bottles, worth £1.99 each, to give away to Hairflair readers.
  • give credit

    No one is legally obliged to give credit if they don't want to.
  • order to give

    In order to give you some idea of the boundaries of the propositions these are numbered in the extract given above.

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