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  • whole range

    But it happens in a whole range of programmes.
  • full range

    Busch concedes that the full range of possibilities for bulky groups have yet to be explored.
  • wider range

    Thus in particle terms, a broader band of wavelengths means a wider range of momentum values.
  • range rover

  • limit range

  • range of services

    The Government is responsible for providing a wide range of services from railways and roads to hospitals and clinics.
  • free range

    Free range chicken production has recently attracted a great deal of interest from our friends in Brussels and for months now a battle royal has been going on to tie up the system of rearing birds to a ‘given’ free range name.
  • range of different

    Month-by-month guide to the fascinating behaviour of a wide range of different animal species.
  • very wide range

    As he told ACCOUNTANCY : ‘We are making a very wide range of products accessible at low prices.
  • range of products

    Element: Weigh a range of products
  • good range

    PHILIPPINES: Philippine Fantasy (0773 580405) has a good range of pre-arranged or tailor-made tours, and the Jetset Tours' (061–953 0920) brochure has an informative section on the Philippines.
  • range of skills

    I have already referred to the range of skills needed to facilitate the effective participation of the user and carer.
  • vast range

    Details are given on the vast range of molecules suitable for use with the LB deposition technique.
  • range of styles

    Within each of these varieties, there is a range of styles which the speaker can draw on in conversation or for other types of talk.
  • extensive range

    Texas Instruments also has a quality simulator for the TMS320C30 processor which provides the designer with an extensive range of options evoked through the command menu.

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