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  • economic growth

    Composed an ode to economic growth
  • growth rate

    Green organizations' growth rate soars
  • rate of growth

    But even this spectacular rate of growth did not match that of many London suburbs.
  • population growth

    What were the social and economic implications of the slow down in population growth?
  • rapid growth

    Irreversible cell expansion — very rapid growth — caused the movement, not turgor change.
  • growth rates

    Popular inter-urban lines, as between Glasgow and Edinburgh or across the Pennines, have seen growth rates of up to 40 per cent.
  • growth of government

    First, the approach says very little about the precise actors involved in the growth of government.
  • growth and development

    Individual needs: giving praise and recognition, resolving conflict and facilitating individual growth and development.
  • serum growth hormone

    Kelts et al showed normal serum growth hormone (sleep and glucagon stimulation) and insulin like growth factor I (IGF-I) concentrations in seven children with Crohn's disease.
  • annual growth

    The annual growth rate can be calculated by subtracting the earlier year's membership from the later year's.
  • real growth

    Parts of Belgium, Germany and France were economically active, but real growth came with the mid-century period of railway building.
  • further growth

    Happily, the trend was reversed: 2,926 members in 1955–56, 2,984 in 1956–57, 3,197 in 1957–58, with further growth thereafter.

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