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  • verb phrase

    It wouldn't show that the verb phrase wasn't a constituent.
  • finite verb

    finite verb
  • transitive verb

    For example, a transitive verb such as ‘find’ is a two-place function requiring a subject and an object.
  • main verb

    For example, Standard English does not distinguish between do as a main verb and as an auxiliary verb:He did it, did he ?
  • verb form

    One can also use flash cards and have, e.g., one card for each person, and one card for each verb form, according to person and tense, using a few different verbs.
  • verb forms

    Joos (1964: 52) exemplifies an approach which proposes two separate verb forms — the "infinitive" , which is always preceded by to, and the "presentative" , which is not.
  • verb phrases

    It happens that only the last of these verb phrases is standard English.
  • verb used

    Even the particular part of the verb used is the same in both cases.
  • english verb

  • where the verb

    For instance, in Harway (a Papuan language) where the verb is always final, a speaker/writer does not have the option of thematizing processes.
  • verb metaphor

    She develops a typology according to the different parts of speech, and her analyses reveal a marked preference for the verb metaphor.
  • greek verb

  • between a verb

    Voice is a grammatical category which defines the relationship between a verb and its subject.

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