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  • very hard

    It's very very hard.
  • work hard

    Do you work hard at them?
  • hard work

    I think it's hard work innit?
  • how hard

    You see how hard it is to get people to adapt?
  • hard disk

    How many partitions have you got in the hard disk?
  • too hard

    Maybe I've been working too hard.’
  • hard to get

    Did you find it hard to get accepted?
  • hard to believe

    ‘I find that hard to believe.’
  • find it hard

    Did you find it hard to get accepted?
  • work so hard

    You work so hard as my farm manager that I want you to have a larger share of the profits.
  • hard to see

    It is hard to see how the system can be deformed further without losing both face and more cases at the European Court of Human Rights.
  • hard to keep

    it's hard to keep concentration right.
  • hard pressed

    You'll be hard pressed to choose from the array of goods displayed in the shops lining the main street.
  • hard look

    His face tightened into a grim mask and he cast a hard look up the stairs.
  • hard way

    The lessons he's learnt he did so the hard way.
  • hard time

    ‘But in these hard times, cars are only selling at the right price.
  • hard enough

    He tried hard enough.
  • however hard

    It was however hard to speak to the girls out on the streets and so in 1991 a Refuge Centre was opened at Holm Street.

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