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  • journey through

    What is the nature of the journey through which the counsellee has to pass?
  • journey back

    Safe journey back.’
  • long journey

    We had a long journey back to Holland.
  • make the journey

    ‘Did they make the journey safely?’
  • return journey

    The return journey?
  • short journey

    In spite of all Diana's effort it was badly crushed in the short journey to St Paul's.
  • train journey

    Was the train journey very tiring?
  • journey between

    It's a journey between modern and older France.
  • journey time

    and we could take the journey time
  • journey up

    From Lima we went an hour's aeroplane journey up into the mountains into another world.
  • journey down

    Now can you tell me a bit about you your your journey down there?

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