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  • life assurance

    life assurance;
  • way of life

    Several different facts about cuckoos fit them to their parasitic way of life.
  • human life

    They are thus more ‘moral’ or, as he can also say, more ‘teleological’than Islam, for they discern and hold out an ethical purpose and direction for human life.
  • adult life

    Our findings reveal for the first time death rates of babies born before term who survive into late adult life, although duration of gestation was recorded for only half of the men.
  • family life

    If industry wants to retain its increasingly-important female workforce, employers must be sympathetic to the needs of women to balance work and family life’.
  • life policy

    It's, it, it er it's a life policy is it?
  • daily life

    He finds deep meaning in tiny pictures from daily life and satire which were often little more than space-fillers.

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