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  • i call

  • use to call

  • call up

    Press? to call up the help file
  • phone call

    No note, no phone call.
  • telephone call

    Probably a telephone call to your office in Monaco.
  • shall call

    I shall call a reason which displaces others a pre-emptive reason.
  • still call

    Do you sing those those, I still call 'em fabulous songs?
  • able to call

    Miss Easterbrook, but it's advisable to call her Ms."
  • like to call

    You, seems to me that, if you think about it, the Freudian view is what I would like to call a realistic one.
  • i would call

  • just call

    Yes, that's to show it's regional, it is regional, if I just call it regional then.
  • people call

    (1b) I had nine people call.
  • should call

    ANYONE who feels like investing in a few grams of silver should call up a certain Carroll Jones in his office in Washington.
  • do you call

    ‘What kind of Catholic do you call yourself, being married by a civil servant?’ demanded Mary.

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