Collocations Search



  • executive search

    The 1980s have seen a significant change in the fortunes of the major executive search firms in London.
  • search space

    Form of the search space? has cycles
  • search out

    It would take only a few minutes to open a door, search out the riding boots and pour a little mercury over each spur.’
  • go in search

    Arbitan persuades the time-travellers to go in search of the keys.
  • search consultants

    It has not been easy to establish the numbers of appointments — and hence fees paid out — for which clients engaged search consultants.
  • personal search

  • search algorithms

    some basic search algorithms
  • search tree

    The random binary search tree is easiest to implement, but care must be taken in the construction of the word list.
  • subject search

    We concluded that weak stemming is almost entirely beneficial in a subject search system.
  • search times

    Total sequential search times for these cases are shown in Fig. 7.2.
  • area of search

    And frankly it might as well be on the moon in terms of its accessibility to the area of search.
  • have to search

    POLICEMAN: I'll have to search your cart, Mr Klugman.

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