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  • high court

  • high level

    The discussion of relative autonomy suggests that to say that a state is capitalist is to make a statement at a very high level of abstraction.
  • very high

    The overall completion rate is very high.
  • high quality

    attracting and retaining more high quality practitioners
  • high speed

    Also, you may have the high speed shutter feature, or even some form of program auto-exposure.
  • high street

    Many towns and cities have high street branches of the bigger agencies, while smaller operations may operate from more modest premises and be run individually or in partnership.
  • high degree

    The problem springs from the high degree of autonomy of individual teachers, a reluctance to engage in joint planning, and a lack of detailed records.
  • high standards

    Basil was quite uncompromising about high standards in Art and required a lot from his teachers, but was encouraging to beginners.
  • high cost

    Riots over high cost of living
  • high proportion

    These two faculties, randomly chosen, would then be used for the sample with perhaps all the students, or a high proportion of them, being the sample.
  • high risk

    ‘I suspect these high risks are a significant deterrent to new recruits,’ said Mr Hanley.
  • high standard

    The dancing is of a superbly high standard and Margot Fonteyn and Moira Shearer as alternate Auroras are wonderful.’
  • high levels

    A recent joint DTI/CBI survey on best practice in innovation showed that the most successful companies were ones with high levels of innovation.
  • have high

    However some homes have very high radon concentrations —eg in regions of the country that have high
  • high and low

    Post hoc multiple comparisons using the Newman-Keuls procedure (from Winer 1971, p.442) show that the difference between high and low risk junctions is significant, p
  • high above

    ‘British troops slain on the Somme,’ shouted out the boy who stood on the corner of Covent Garden waving a paper high above his head.
  • high resolution

    The VGA graphics used are colourful and in high resolution as you would expect.

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