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  • corporate identity

    The Rentokil corporate identity has been updated for the 90's.
  • national identity

    The party committed itself to the defence of "democracy, national identity and sovereignty" .
  • sense of identity

    Adolescence is accepted as a time to explore and experiment and find some sense of identity, and yet when this includes sexuality it is condemned and denied.
  • personal identity

    erm Again, Proust emphasised repeatedly the shifting, elusive nature of personal identity.
  • true identity

    ‘Officially, I must learn Miss Kyte's true identity.
  • identity when

    There is a limit to the size of picture that you can create in this shape, as a solid mass of flowers can lose all sense of size or identity when it becomes too large.
  • identity through

    Secondly, by bolstering our corporate identity through recognition within our universities and our established professional associations.
  • mean the identity

  • discover the identity

    As a consequence, a parent is unlikely to discover the identity of an informant if that person has requested confidentiality.
  • cultural identity

    Seminars link film with cultural identity
  • sexual identity

    For the next 2 years, the press systematically attacked the women's political motives, their hygiene standards and their sexual identity (Young, 1990).
  • numerical identity

    For suppose there is no numerical identity except in cases of continuous observation.
  • identity and social

    On the Freudian model it is the repression and sublimation of homosexual desire that helps secure identity and social organization.
  • identity crisis

    Bank's snub gives me identity crisis
  • mistake identity

  • identity number

    The student identity number used by the Registry is the basis of the Library's borrower number.

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