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  • conventional medicine

    It works in a totally different way from conventional medicine, which is known to Homoeopathic practitioners as Allopathy.
  • complementary medicine

    Such developments are paving the way to rapprochement between conventional and complementary medicine.
  • alternative medicine

    Unorthodox or alternative medicine was not on trial.
  • journal of medicine

  • faculty of medicine

  • food and medicine

    And gallant Spiderglass was taking them food and medicine.
  • geriatric medicine

    It was this recognition that produced advances in geriatric medicine and ultimately a specialty provision in the NHS.
  • medicine bottles

    You know, empty medicine bottles.
  • study medicine

    Sir: I am studying for A-levels at the moment and have just sent off my application form to study medicine at university.
  • herbal medicine

    Guruji treats madness with herbal medicine in a village near Delhi.
  • school of medicine

  • preventative medicine

    STAFF canteens can help prevent cancer by serving healthy fruit and vegetables, says leading preventative medicine expert Dr Aric Sigman.
  • western medicine

    While western medicine has always tended to concentrate on the elimination of germs, the Unani doctors tried not to lose sight of the patient as a whole being; they conceived of therapy in the original Greek sense of healing, at once taking into account physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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