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  • round trip

    He had made the round trip in a day.
  • day trip

    There's even a day trip to Albania.
  • boat trip

    Lyrical in tone, the book ends with a boat trip along the River Thames.
  • last trip

    This last trip was a final reckoning.
  • business trip

    We're over here on a business trip.
  • field trip

    Thirteen children suffered slight injuries when two coaches on a field trip to wales bumped into each other.
  • trip up

    He said, ‘Sounds like it calls for a trip up there.’
  • return trip

    The return trip to the U.K. will probably have been organised by them and major tour operators will often assist each other by swapping vacant seats on aircraft.
  • little trip

    ‘What's the purpose of this little trip anyway?’
  • first trip

    Gregory missed the band's first trip abroad in September 1986.
  • trip through

    The trip through Pakistan and India was very hot and bumpy, with immense paperwork for Customs and airport authorities.
  • coach trip

    ‘Elsie's off on a coach trip,’ Ma said, ‘just booked up, she says.
  • during a trip

    Oxford Crown Court has jailed two men after hearing how drug squad detectives tracked them down during a trip to London.
  • trip around

    So many and so extraordinary were the stories she told me that our trip around his tiny ch√Ęteau lasted for more than an hour and a half, with not a boring moment.

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